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BMC 1 - John STANLEY (1712-86)
Six Concertos
for Hpschd/Organ and Strings.
Plus Cornet Voluntary
Historic Byfield organ, 1764.
introduces medieval instruments
Crumhorn, Kortholt, Rackett, Shawm etc
plus three Suites of Renaissance dances.
BMC 3 - A Baroque Organ Recital
Pachelbel, Lübeck, Buxtehude, Böhm, Bach. Historic Dutch Hinz organ 1738.
BMC 4 - A Baroque Concert
The Milan Baroque Soloists.
Corelli, Vivaldi, Geminiani, Torelli & Handel.
BMC 5 - HANDEL Organ Concertos Vol 1
Op 4 Nos. 1,4,5 & 6, + "Cuckoo & the Nightingale". Heinrich Klemm, organ. Thuringian Baroque Ensemble.
BMC 6 - English Baroque Music.
Sonatas & Symphonies by William Croft & William Boyce.
BMC 7 - Alessandro SCARLATTI:
Six Concerti Grossi, + three Sinfonie di concerto grosso.
BMC 8 - Domenico SCARLATTI:
15 Keyboard Sonatas. Scarlatti's contrasts of energy and brilliance, sadness and somber tones.
Nine Trio Sonatas, 1697. Carl Pini & John Tunnell, violins. Harold Lester, harpsichord.
BMC 10 - Henry PURCELL:
Chamber & Incidental Theatre Music. Purcell specialists Accademia Monteverdiana, Denis Stevens
Italian Orchestral & Chamber works by Albinoni, A. Scarlatti, Pasquini, Geminiani and Corelli.
BMC 12 - VIVALDI: Concertos for strings, 2 cellos, bassoon, viola d'amore & guitar, 2 mandolins.
BMC 13 - Georg Philipp TELEMANN
A selection of his best orchestral works featuring recorders, oboes, flutes, violas and viola da gamba.
Concertos by Albinoni, Marcello, Vivaldi, Telemann, Handel, A. Scarlatti.
BMC 15 - Unico Willem van WASSENAER
Six " concerti armonici" 1740, by this "mystery" composer.
BMC 1617 - VIVALDI: "La Cetra" complete. 2CDs.  + Boyce and Albicastro.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BMC 18 - The Baroque Concerto
Origins and development from Corelli, through Vivaldi, Locatelli, Telemann, Handel, to JS Bach.
BMC 19 - VIVALDI: Four Seasons
Modena Chamber Orch.
Plus the magnificent GLORIA RV 589
Vienna State Opera / Hermann Scherchen
BMC 20 - HANDEL: Water Music,
& Music for the Royal Fireworks

Bath Festival Orchestra, Yehudi Menuhin
BMC 21 - HANDEL at Adlington Hall.
Lesser-known Handel - harpsichord, chamber, organ & orchestral works. Smith organ 1610 as played by Handel.
BMC 22 - HANDEL Organ Concertos Op 7 complete. Powerful, full-bodied performances by Karl Richter, organist/conductor.
BMC 23 - HANDEL Hpschd Suites
Dramatic, individualistic performances by Christopher Wood, Dolmetsch harpsichord.
BMC 24 - SYLVIA MARLOWE, harpsichord plays BACH BWV 910/971/906 & HANDEL Air, Suite 7, Concerto Op4/1
Preludes, Fugues, and Chaconnes
Lionel Rogg, pedal-harpsichord.
A delightfully varied and entertaining programme of Early Baroque Dances. Strings, brass ensemble, lute, and orchestra.
Concerto for Organ and Orchestra, and programme of music by Cernohorsky, the "Bohemian Bach".
A varied programme for orchestra, harpsichord and clavichord by this lesser-known Austrian composert.
Choral and Organ Music, recreating the famous "Abendmusiken" for which young Bach travelled 400 miles!
A selection of instrumental, organ and harpsichord works. Historic organ.
BMC 31 - Jan Dismas ZELENKA
Orchestral & chamber music by this "unorthodox" Dresden composer, much admired by JS Bach.
BMC 32 - The Art of the Chaconne
Purcell, Corelli, Pachelbel, Vitali, and Bach. Orchestra, violin + organ, harpsichord.
BMC 334 - GEMINIANI: 12 Concerti Grossi Geminiani's orchestration of Corelli's Violin and Harpsichord Sonatas.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BMC 35 - Baroque Music for Strange and Diverse Instruments. Meet the hurdy-gurdy, harmonica, zither, bassoon, and accordion in an enjoyable selection of music.
BMC 36 - J S BACH:
Six concertos for Solo Harpsichord

based on orchestral works by Vivaldi, plus 2 Vivaldi originals.
BMC 3738 - HANDEL Six Chandos Anthems
2-CD Album. Collegium Musicum of Rutgers University / Alfred Mann.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BMC 39 - PURCELL: Odes, Anthems, Pavans A fully representative selection from this very English composer. Soloists, choir & orchestra, Alfred DELLER, counter-tenor.
BMC 40 - PURCELL: Ode for St Cecilia's Day A magnificent Ode for the Patron Saint of Music, 1692. Plus a programme of vocal solos and harpsichord pieces.
BMC 41 - HANDEL: Six Concertos Opus 3
Handel's answer to Bach's Brandenburgs and Suites. Plus Oboe Concertos 2 and 3.
BMC 42 - Joseph HAYDN:
Divertimenti Op 31, Nos. 1,2,3.
Undeservedly neglected works, plus Harpsichord Concerto in D, Sylvia Marlowe
BMC 43 - Joseph HAYDN:
Divertimenti Op 31, Nos. 4,5,6.
The "other three" from the set, plus a stirring performance of the wonderful Symphony 49, La Passione.
BMC 44 - HANDEL: Three Coronation Anthems composed for the Coronation of King George II in 1727, alternating with the splendid Concerti a Due Cori.
A Program of Orchestral Music.

Strings, trumpet, oboe, and two oboes from this very Italian composer.
BMC 46 - HANDEL: Overtures from his Operas Grand French-style Overtures and Fugues, setting the mood for the evening's opera. Plus the famous Largo.
BMC 4748 - HANDEL: Alexander's Feast or The Power of Musick. Plus Ode for the Birthday of Queen Anne
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BMC 49 - HANDEL: Lute-Harp Concerto
reconstructed by Thurston Dart, the only recording. Plus Trio Sonatas (2oboes, 2 violins) and two Violin/Hpschd Sonatas.
BMC 50 - Baroque Eclectica
Our selection of our favourite lesser-known works by Albicastro, Boyce, Woodcock, Zelenka.
BMC 51 - Baroque Music for Guitars
Solos and concertos, including a transcription for four guitars of Bach's Orchestral Suite 2 in b minor.
BMC 52 - Virtuoso Violins
Solos, concertos, sonatas by Vivaldi, Bach, Telemann, Locatelli, Tartini, Bonporti and Veracini.
ORYX 503 - A Grand Christmas Concert.Brass Band (indispensable!), Symphony Orchestra, a traditional English boys' and men's Church Choir with full organ.
ORYX 506 - Contemplation
A special disc created for study, relaxation, meditation or for "superlearning".
ORYX 507 - Baroque Adagios
Carefully selected adagio movements for moments of peace and quiet, or to "still the mind" after a troublesome day.
BHP 901 - J S BACH: The Goldberg Variations
Millicent Silver, Goble Harpsichord.
This remains one of our favourite Goldbergs.
BHP 9023 - J S BACH:
Four Shorter Masses & Four Sancti

Stuttgart Choral Society, Hans Grischkat.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BHP 904 - J S BACH: Piano Concertos
Iconic performances, outstanding textural clarity, conducted by Enesco.
Vol 1: Concertos 1,2,3, BWV 1052,3,4
BHP 905 - J S BACH: Piano Concertos - Enesco. Vol 2: Concertos BWV 1055,56,58
Concertos 3 Pianos BWV 1063, 4 Pianos 1065
BHP 906 - J S BACH: Piano Concertos - Enesco. Vol 3: Concertos for 2 and 3 Pianos and Orchestra. Concertos 2 Pianos BWV 1060,1,2. Concerto 3 Pianos BWV 1064
BHP 907 - J S BACH: Piano Concertos - Enesco. Vol 4: Triple Concertos 1044, 1057, Brandenburg 5 BWV 1050. Plus Italian Concerto 971
BHP 909 - Bach The Art of the Fugue
Joseph & Grete Dichler, two pianos
Incredibly powerful performances, total clarity.
BHP 91011 - J.S. BACH:
Solo Violin Sonatas/Partitas - 2 CDs.
Emil Telmanyi's curved bow permits full chords. Download both CDs for the price of one.
History and development. Performance and baroque instruments. Biographies of all major baroque composers. Illustrations.
ORYX 5012 - The Barocophile - 2 CDs
All the best in Baroque Music.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
ORYX 5045 - The Bachophile Album - 2 CDs
Organ, pedal-harpsichord, chamber, orchestral, and choral.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 7012 - Four Shorter Masses 233-6
+ Chorales. 2CDs.
 Dresdner Kreuzchor. Bach's favourite cantata movements.
Download both CDs price of one.
BACH 703 - Violin Concertos
3 Concertos for Violin(s) and Strings, 1041-3. Concerto in d-minor for Violin & Oboe 1060, Oboe d'amore concerto 1056.
BACH 7045 - Harpsichord Partitas 1-6
BWV 825-30.   2CDs
  Derek Adlam.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 706 - Violin & Clavier Sonatas 1021-4, Trio Sonatas 1036-38. Iconic performances with Reinhold Barchet, Robert Veyron-Lacroix.
BACH 707 - Weimar transcriptions from Vivaldi and Ernst BWV 592/4/5/6/7, Fugue 574. Organ and pedal-hpschd. Plus Toccata and Fugue in d, pedal-hpschd
BACH 708 - Bach on Silbermann Organs Vol 1: Freiberg Cathedral, 1714. Major and lesser-known works on this magnificent instrument. Toccata & Fugue d-minor, Schübler Chorales etc
BACH 709 - Bach on Silbermann Organs
Vol 2: Grosshartmannsdorf.
Preludes & Fugues, Chorale Variations.
BACH 710 - Bach on Silbermann Organs
Vol 3: Ponitz and Grosshartmannsdorf.
Preludes and Fugues 540, 546, 548, 550, 591 two contrasting village organs.
BACH 711 - Well Tempered Clavier Vol 1
Preludes & Fugues 1-12

A complete study of the musical possibilities in keyboard preludes and fugues.
BACH 712 - Well Tempered Clavier Vol 2
Preludes & Fugues 13-24

Malcolm Hamilton, playing his two-manual Wittmayer harpsichord.
BACH 713 - Well Tempered Clavier Vol 3
Preludes & Fugues 25-36
   Powerful yet clear performances of these outstanding works.
BACH 714 - Well Tempered Clavier Vol 4
Preludes & Fugues 37-48
Performances to teach, to demonstrate, to clarify, and above all, to enjoy.
BACH 715 - Concertos for 1, 2, 3 & 4 harpsichords 1052, 1061, 1064 & 1065.
Sylvia Marlowe and friends, Baroque Chamber Orch.
BACH 716 - Harpsichord Concertos 1053,58,63; Italian Concerto 971, and Chromatic Fantasy 903. George Malcolm brilliant and stylistic as always.
BACH 717 - Concertos and Transcriptions
Oboe Concerto from BWV 1053, Harpsichord Concertos BWV 1054,5,6, plus Triple Concerto for flute, oboe, violin from 1064.
BACH 718 - Concertos for Harpsichord(s)
Hpschd 1057, Two Hpschds 1060, 62, Triple Concerto BWV 1044. Collegium Musicum Paris. Douatte.
BACH 71920 - Violin & Clavier Sonatas 2CDs BWV 1014-19. Plus solo hpschd works. Suk and Ruzickova.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 721 - Cantatas 142 (only recording), 65
plus MAGNIFICAT in D, BWV 243 version with Christmas Verses.
BACH 722 - Cantatas 46, 105, 25 & 103
Barmen-Gemarke, Karlhöhofer / Stuttgart Motet / Danish Radio, Wöldike.
BACH 723 - Cantatas 68, 76 & 80
Stirring works here, excellent performances by German Bach Soloists, Ehmann, Amsterdam Philharmonic, Vandernoot
BACH 724 - Three Early Cantatas
BWV 4, 182 & 150
+ Sinfonia from Cantata 152
Vienna artists / Prohaska, Stuttgart/Couraud
BACH 725 - Cantatas 36, 93 & 140
German Bach Soloists, Ehmann, Stuttgart Choir & Orchestra / Marcel Couraud, Göttingen City Chorus / Doormann
BACH 726 - Harpsichord Toccatas 910-915.
These very flamboyant early works in typically dramatic performances by Isolde Ahlgrimm, Ammer pedal-harpsichord.
BACH 727 - BACH on the Pedal-harpsichord.
Passacaglia 582, Trio Sonata 528, Nicholas Danby. Chromatic Fantasy 903. Isolde Ahlgrimm. Outstanding performances, unique sound!
Choruses, Choral Arias, Organ & Instrumental Music. Relaxing, sacred music for quiet Sunday listening.
BACH 729 - MUSICAL OFFERING. Chamber-orchestral performance by the Thuringian Bach Ensemble. 3-part Ricercare played on an original 1744 Silbermann fortepiano.
This performance by the Thuringian Bach Ensemble under guest conductor George Malcolm has proved deservedly popular.
BACH 731 - GOLDBERG Variations and French Suite No.5, BWV 816.
Sylvia Marlowe, harpsichord.
BACH 733 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 1. Choruses and chorales from Bach's Cantatas. Ansbach Festival / Karl Richter.
BACH 734 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 2. Choruses and chorales from Bach's Cantatas. Ansbach Festival / Karl Richter.
BACH 735 - Bach on Silbermann Organs - Vol 4: Burgk Castle & Nassau Two smaller organs, Nassau Village Church and the Chapel in romantically sited Burgk Castle.
BACH 736 - Cantatas 198 (Trauerode), 54 & 106 (Actus Tragicus).
Vienna Chamber Choir & State Opera Orchestra, Hermann Scherchen
BACH 737 - Cantatas 35, 53 & 42
Maureen Forrester, Hilde Roessl-Majdan, Vienna Chamber Choir & Radio Orchestra, Hermann Scherchen
BACH 738 - Bach on Silbermann Organs - Vol 5: Reinhardtsgrimma, Helbigsdorf, Fraureuth. Toccata Adagio & Fugue 564, Fantasia & Fugue 542, Aria, Trio and Pastorale
BACH 739 - Bach on Silbermann Organs - Vol 6: Four Silbermann organs. Prelude & Fugue "St Anne" 552, Canzona, Passacaglia 582, "Dorian" Toccata & Fugue
BACH 740 - Bach's Domestic Keyboard Instruments: Harpsichord, clavichord, lute, lute-harpsichord, pedal-harpsichord. Instruments' mechanisms described in the booklet.
BACH 741 - Brandenburg Concertos 1,2,3 & 4
Stylish, vigorous performances by the Brandenburg Bach Orchestra.
BACH 742 - Brandenburg Concertos 5 & 6 and Orchestral Suite 1. Strings, hunting horns, oboes, bassoon, trumpet, viols, recorders, flute, and concertante harpsichord.
BACH 743 - Orchestral Suites 2, 3 & 4
The remaining French-style "Ouvertures" with their stirring openers and suites of dances.
BACH 744 - Bach on Silbermann Organs - Vol 7: Six Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530. Four different Silbermann organs. Also available on pedal-harpsichord, BACH 759.
BACH 745 - Sonatas for Flute & Clavier BWV 1020, 1030-33 Plus French Overture BWV 831
Rafael Puyana and Maxence Larrieu
BACH 746 - The complete Sinfonias from Bach's Cantatas
An important addition to the orchestral repertoire!
BACH 747 - Sonatas for Harpsichord & CelloBWV 1027-9, Zuzana Ruzickova, hpschd and Josef Chuchro, violoncello plus three Solo Harpsichord Concertos.
BACH 748 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 3. Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 2-20. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 749 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 4. Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 21-45. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 750 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 5.
Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 47-74. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 751 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 6.
Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 75-100. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 752 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 7.
Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 101-117. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 753 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 8.
Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 119-139. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 754 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 9.
Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 144-187. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 755 - Soli Deo Gloria Vol 10.
Choruses and Chorales from Cantatas 192-198+118. Bach's finest music in ten volumes.
BACH 756 - The Six French Suites.
Isolde Ahlgrimm, harpsichord.
ORYX 7578 - The Six English Suites - 2CDs
Isolde Ahlgrimm, harpsichord.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 759 - Six Trio Sonatas BWV 525-30.
Lorenz Mikulas, played on the pedal-harpsichord.
BACH 7601 - Art of Fugue, Musical Offering - 2 CDs. Unique performances by Isolde Ahlgrimm, Pedal-harpsichord.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 762 - Cantatas 17, 110, 131
Three more outstanding cantatas (131 a very beautiful early work). Windsbacher Boys' Choir.
BACH 76364 - Art of Fugue, Musical Offering - 2CDs Organ performances, Hildebrandt Organ, 1764, Naumburg, tested by Bach.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 765 - Bach's Trio Sonatas BWV 525-30
Here performed as Chamber Music featuring Violin, Viola, Oboe, Lute and Harpsichord.
BACH 766 - Bach's Six Motets BWV 225-30
Undeservedly neglected works, quiet and peaceful in character, yet repeated listening rewards as their textural complexity is revealed.
BACH 7678 - Mass in B-Minor  2CDs
Bach's finest choral work. Outstanding performance by the Dresdner Kreuzchor.
Download both CDs for the price of one.
BACH 769 - Goldberg Variations
George Malcolm, Goff harpsichord. With repeats.
BACH 770 - Brandenburg Concertos 3,4,5,6
Arranged for 2 pianos by Max Reger.

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