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Henry Purcell portrait in oil
Nine Trio Sonatas, from the 1697 set of ten.
Carl Pini & John Tunnell, violins
Anthony Pini, cello / Harold Lester, harpsichord
Sensitive performances with tempi chosen to bring out the qualities of the music; restrained vibrato gives the violins that singing quality much prized in Purcell's time. Quiet pleasant listening, yet very tuneful.
BMC 10
Theatre Music
for Amphitryon, Distressed Innocence, Fairy Queen, Abdelazer. Plus Trio Sonata, Harpsichord Suite, Violin Sonata. Fantasia on a Ground, Overture in g. Accademia Monteverdiana, Denis Stevens. Music written to entertain, in theatre or the home - and no less entertaining today!
BMC 39
Odes, Anthems & Pavans.
Alfred DELLER, soloists, the Deller Consort.

Here we offer some of Purcell's finest choral odes and anthems, Come ye Sons of Art, the Bell Anthem etc plus instrumental pieces, featuring the masterly participation and direction of the legendary counter-tenor Alfred Deller. Purcell's music at its very best.
BMC 40
Ode for St Cecilia's Day, 1692,
Alfred DELLER, soloists, the Deller Consort.

This Magnificent Ode was Purcell's last, and possibly greatest contribution to this regular yearly festival of music, clearly an inspiration for Handel! A selection of vocal solos by Deller and harpsichord pieces completes the 79 minute program.

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